Renters DESTROY Home

Renters DESTROY Home

By In Blog, News On December 16, 2015

Don’t let the largest investment you may make in your life be the one that ruins your life. Check your renters, check your friends, make sure you have peace of mind over your property.

From News 2:

A Calgary couple says their house was destroyed after it was rented out to guests through the popular Airbnb website. Adding insult to injury, they had to beg the partiers to leave.

When Mark and Star King finally entered their home Monday, after renting it out for the weekend, they were shocked at what they saw.

“There’s mayonnaise on furniture, barbecue sauce everywhere and chicken meat in my shoes and everything is just totally trashed; and we had a beautiful home, and I don’t feel like I’m even at home, I feel like I’m in this… like I’m standing inside of a dumpster,” said Star King.

The Airbnb offer was for three nights for four adults, who claimed they were in Calgary for a wedding. According to their neighbors, a party bus showed up Saturday night

“The party bus comes and cars fill every available spot along the streets and it began and went on in here from Saturday night until we finally convinced them, with the police helping us on Monday, to evacuate,” Mark King said.

The couple had no idea what was happening at their home until they received a text from a neighbor on Monday morning. They arrived with police and discovered people were still inside.

“When the police came in they said, ‘This wasn’t a party, this was a drug-induced orgy.’ And there’s evidence for that throughout the whole house,” Mark King said.

Airbnb issued a statement about the Kings’ experience. In it they say: We have banned this guest from Airbnb, and our Trust and Safety team will offer its full assistance to law enforcement in any investigation of this incident.

The Kings have been offered accommodation by Skybnb while their home is repaired. Police have the name of a suspect who could be charged with mischief to property over $5,000 .

The couple said they had no issues when they rented out their house two weeks before through Airbnb and have also used the service many times themselves.

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